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To begin with, I am not afflilated with any church, church group, or any other group.  I am a Christian, who has sought for years to spread the word of God through a tiny publication I put out, called THE SOWER.  This site is an extention of those efforts.  And though I am not into organized religion, I am a Christian, and a true believer in the word of God and in following Jesus Christ.  In the end, I am a sower, sowing seeds of faith and love, and if any fruit comes from that, it is from God.

The photos, and poetry found on this site belong to me, and I am posting them to share with anyone wanting to make use of them.  I am placing all the work I have done on this site into the public domain.  You are free to make use of the content as you see fit - copy and paste or save work from this site for your website, blog, newsletter or any other way you want to use it.

It is my hope that by sowing these seeds, someone will benefit from them, and maybe someone will come to find a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus christ, as I have.  











































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